Westminster AFC Showcase

Written on 01/14/2020
Denise Duran

Westminster AFC College Showcase

December 4 - 6, 2020

Location:  Aurora Sports Park
19300 E. Colfax Ave, Aurora 80011

North Turf Pod Map

Referee Check-in

  • Arrive at ASP North Pod Turf and check in with Tom Widera a minimum of 45 minutes prior to kickoff.   Always plan time for traffic and parking.  WE MUST KEEP GAMES RUNNING ON TIME.  First kickoff is 8AM and last kickoff is 8PM.
  • Event Rules of Competition
  • 2 x 40 minutes, continuous clock, no stoppage time.

All games will start and finish on time in respect to our full schedule. Referees will do a safety check prior to play and collect player cards & roster from coach. Coaches should clear their bench area as soon as possible after the end of each game. Home team will provide game ball and wear light colored jerseys.  No team warm up time on the fields.

Team check In

  • Referees - quick safetly check in only
  • Teams must have 2 copies of their 2019/2020 team roster to present at tournament tent prior to their 1st game. 
  • ALL players must have a current 2019/2020 USYS player pass. Guest players can be handwritten on an official team roster so that every player is accounted for.

​Substitutions shall be unlimited. Substitutions may be made with the consent of the referee during all stoppages, regardless of team in possession. A yellow-carded player, or impending red-carded player, may be substituted for, at the request of the referee. The other team may substitute one player with the permission of the referee. 

Referee Assignments
In many cases referees are assigned one game on & one game off in efforts to ensure we keep games on time.  Referees in between games can help with tasks to ensure games kickoff on time.

  • PTW Tournament Staff on-site
    • 2020 - TBD

Game Reporting

Check in with the Site Coordinator upon arrival.  Provide the final score of each game to referee staff to be recorded on the master schedule.

Referees MUST enter scores and complete reports for all games in After Games of GameOfficials.net.  The After Game incident reports are the official misconduct report for the tournament.  All cautions, send offs, sit outs, etc. must be documented ASAP after game completion.  After Games is also your personal referee record of games worked.

"Standby Referee/4th Official"

Referees are assigned to "standby" during tournaments.  Standby referees must check in at the referee HQ tent with the PTW staff at the schedule time.  Referees on standby may be asked to fill in as needed, assist with errands between fields (i.e. Game card collection, team check-ins, etc.) as requested by the PTW referee site coordinator.  If referees on standby are not present at the referee HQ if needed, or cannot be contacted by PTW staff they will forfeit their standby pay.

If you are scheduled as a "referee" in GameOfficials.net  for a standby game and you receive a score reminder you must enter a generic score of 99-99 to avoid additional game score reminders.

Referee Game Fees & Payment