CSA Adult State Cup

Written on 07/24/2019
PTW Staff


Colorado Soccer Association Adult State Cup

Next Competition will play in the Spring of 2020

Rules of Competition

Long Lake Ranch Field Map

Provide availability in GameOfficials PTW Group 1059
Games are full length 2 x 45 minutes

  • suitable for upgrade game count
  • suitable for maintenance & upgrade assessments

CSA Information Provided to the Teams

  1. Rosters are printed on the game cards which the referee will have and use to check in teams along with passes. The printed are rosters are FROZEN
  2. You must supply player/coaches USASA affiliation pass with picture. Players/Coaches not listed on the roster will not be allowed to play nor on the team sideline.
  3. Only 18 can be suited to play
  4. Spectators and those not on the roster will not be permitted on the team sideline.
  5. 7 subs no re-entry rule applies. Substitution cards will be handed to each team prior to the game.
  6. Games kick off at 4:00 PM at Long Lake (field map attached)
  7. Sidelines please pick up after yourselves
  8. There will be a trainer on location
  9. 2 x 45 with a 10 minute halftime
  10. Point reduction for any coach dismissal
  11. Each team is required to bring a light and dark set of jerseys in case of conflicting uniform colors. Each player must have a number.
  12. Each team needs to supply the referee with a game ball
  13. No protests will be considered.
  14. No Alcohol, no drugs, no smoking and no pets will be permitted
  15. Scores will be updated by Sunday at 9:00 AM Scores and Standings