Referee Pay Rates & GoPay

Written on 08/26/2019
PTW Staff

2019 Fall Youth League Pay Memo & Dates & Referee Pay Rates

League referee payrolls are processed a minimum of 4 times per season - approximately every two weeks.  Referee Assignors are not responsible for referee payments.  Games are processed and submitted to clubs/leagues to disburse payment to referees.  Referees must allow a few extra days (1 - 3 days) for funding & payments to clear the bank and show in your GOPay accounts.  Tournaments & special events are processed upon completion of the event.

Games are processed & submitted to the leagues/events for funding.  There are many paying entities for games worked.  Not all leagues will fund at the same time and payments will not all release to referees at the same time.  Referees must know what league they worked, use My Payments in your GameOfficials account to view status of funds.

League Pay Rates
CSA has established the pay rates for youth leagues (CCL, CENT, MRL, FRL).  League pay rates may vary for other youth leagues, special events, amateur leagues and recreational games.  All game pay rates are public information available to the referee in GameOfficials by viewing the Game Pay on the main menu.  Review set pay rates for all league in this section of GameOfficials.

PTW/Assignors are not responsible for the referee payment, we process the games and submit to the club & leagues for them to fund GOPay for games processed.  Payment comes from multiple paying entities if you referee for multiple leagues & competitions.  You will not receive payment for all games/all leagues worked on the same dates.  Payment details are always available in your reports.

All referees must establish a GOPay account in, and PTW must have your Independent Contractor Agreement & W9 on file.

Pay dates are staggered for various leagues.  Referees can expect to see payments at various times for other leagues worked.  Indoor, amateur adult leagues, tournaments and special events will be paid on different schedules.