Weather & Game Status

Written on 07/01/2019
Denise Duran

Field Updates & Status of Games

When the forecast calls for inclement weather that could affect playing soccer games how will you know if the fields are open?


  • Field Status - clubs and leagues will make decisions early on game day about the status of games.  We all know that Colorado weather can be tricky and everyone wants to get games played.  In general don't expect any field closure updates before the morning of games.
  • Assignors will communicate using the notification tools in  If a game or games are cancelled you will receive a text message or email notification (based upon your personal account settings) providing you game status updates.  Ensure that you are set up to receive notifications -, My Info expand + Cell / Email Notices and double check your settings to receive updates.
  • Referees are encouraged to set up the text message updates especially when predicted weather may require additional communications about games.
  • There are times when fields may not be closed for a full day.  Assignors communicate with email through  Make sure you have email(s) listed in GameOfficials that you can access anywhere.  If there is a "delayed start" at a field location referees will receive emails.
  • Conditions will vary between field complexes.  In the event of a field complex closure, always check for updated assignments.  Referees may be moved to a field nearby that is open if games need coverage.
  • Follow @PTWSoccer on Twitter.  PTW will post updates and when clubs/leagues provide information we will retweet and share.
  • Visit the home team club website for field status information.  Always be sure the most current information is posted with an updated date/time stamp, the posted information must be for the date of the game(s) to ensure it is the most current information.

When in doubt it's game on!  Everyone wants to get games played!  If you don't receive a communication from GameOfficials about a game cancellation you must plan to be at the fields on time!