CSA Youth Game Reports

Written on 01/03/2020
PTW Staff

This Game Reporting Video Tutorial for CSA Youth Game applies to youth league games in 2020.  Procedures and information are the same that we have followed in the video, 2018 to date.

Youth League Game Report Instructions

No-Show Team
Referee crews at the fields for an assigned game and have a no show team, or if neither team shows; enter the generic score of 99-99 and make a note as an “Other” incident report regarding the team(s) that were a no show. 

Referee Crew Changes
Did your crew change at the field?  You must send a text or email to your Assignor and notify them of the change needed in GameOfficials.  You must provide full names (first, last) and who worked what position so the updates can be made in GameOfficials.net. 

Standby Referees
Assigned “standby” referees are to check in with the site coordinator/mentor at the assigned standby game time.  If a referee is running late, still working a previous assignment, or if a referee needs to be replaced you will step in on a game that as needed.  If all games are covered you will be paid the standby pay rate.

If you are assigned as the “referee” for a standby” game the system will send you score reminder notices - enter a generic score of 99-99 on standby games.

No Show Teams  - ​If team(s) fail to show for a scheduled game and referees are present at the fields for the assignment the referees will be paid.  You must enter a generic score of 99-99 and enter an Incident Report as "Other" and note that neither team showed to play.

Remember - no game report, no referee payment.  The After Game report goes to the club/league.  Each game unreported game score or missing incident report results in a $5.00 deduction in the game fee, failure to submit a complete game report may result in no game payment.