GameOfficials - After Games

Written on 08/18/2018
PTW Staff

When the game is over... the final step for referees is to complete the game report in a timely manner.   All final game scores and match incident reports must be entered accurately in After Games of within 24 hours of the game. - After Games

ALL games must be reported in After Games!

  • Log in to your account
  • Use Change Identity as needed to make sure you are in the correct Assignor group where you received the game assignment
  • After Games from the Main Menu
  • Select the Correct date/date range from the drop down at the top of the page
  • Click on the Game # 
    • Enter the final Game Score
  • Do you have additional items to report?  Misconduct, field conditions, send-off, weather, etc?
    • Return to the After Game Page
    • Click on Incident Report 
    • Standby Referee
      • ​If you are scheduled as a standby referee and you were not added to a game during the standby assigned time you must enter a generic score of 99-99.  No score in a standby game will generate score reminder notices to your email.
    • No Show Teams 
      • ​If team(s) fail to show for a scheduled game and referees are present at the fields for the assignment the referees will be paid.  You must enter a generic score of 99-99 and enter an Incident Report as "Other" and note that neither team showed to play.