Bol Abair

Written on 05/06/2020
PTW Team


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About Bol - 

Why I love soccer -
Soccer was only game I had growing up. Every kid I grew up with only played soccer.

How did I get involved with soccer & as a referee?
There was never a normal day for me without playing soccer when I was a kid. I grew up as a refugee in a camp where our daily activities were going to school and playing soccer.

ON become a Referee. Pierluigi Collina (the legend) was the reason I became referee, immediately after World Cup 2002 in Korea, I started copying, imitating, acting like Collina. I was tall, thin and bald headed. I took a whistle in one of our practices and made myself like the image of a guy I saw on TV. Little by little I fell in love with being a referee. I was certified at age 17 in 2004. I did it for three years and then gave it up. I had bad experiences three different time so I quit. I moved to US and few years later, I returned as a referee at this time, I was mentally prepared to take refereeing to the next level. Now here we are, as I grow older every day and I can’t play like I used to. I am keeping up with the game I love by implementing the laws of the game on a pitch and also pass the little knowledge I acquired during my journey to the young generation of referees.