Elias Anosov

Written on 05/06/2020
PTW Team


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About Elias - 

Why I love soccer -
Soccer is a world wide sport that joins people of all sorts together and unites them briefly for 90+ minutes through passion for the sport. No matter how different each person is, that passion is shared by every person. Some of that is fueled by the the dramatic matches that can change on a dime, and being a part of that excitement is a thrill.

How did I get involved with soccer & as a referee?
Started playing club soccer locally in Buffalo Grove, IL and they hosted a club wide referee clinic I joined in 2011. Balanced playing and refereeing until I moved to Colorado where Play the Whistle worked closely with me to help further my skills and enjoyment of the game. Had the opportunity to attend and officiate at several regional and national tournaments.