Lauren Parliament

Written on 04/16/2020
PTW Team


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About Lauren - 

Why I love soccer -
I love the atmosphere of the soccer community. I loved the support and affirmation i have had from many over the years as a play, referee, and coach.

How did I get involved with soccer & as a referee?
I started play soccer at 6 years old. At that moment, I know my parents saw something in me and knew this was something I loved. I played all the way through high school and received a college scholarship as well. I got involved at 12 years old in refereeing in order to pay for my club fee. At that time, it was the ability to play club soccer that fueled my passion for refereeing. Then after college, refereeing became a way to stay involved in the sport i love. I now have gotten to travel around the country to officiate college, semi-pro, and high level youth games. I am now finding a passion for coaching and referee coaching. I love that I get to stay involved in the sport I love.