Colton Arciniaga

Written on 04/16/2020
PTW Team


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About Colton

Why I love soccer -
I love Soccer because of its innate ability to connect people. No other sport on the planet is able to bring so many people of different backgrounds, cultures, and languages together in the same manner that Soccer is able to. That is what makes the beautiful game truly amazing for me.

How did I get involved with soccer & as a referee?
I grew up in a big soccer family. Some of my fondest memories were playing in the local little kids' rec league when I was super young and going to watch my little brother play in his competitive games. However, I didn't receive the player talent genes, and I quickly realized that playing maybe wasn't for me. I loved the game so much, however, that I wanted to stay involved. Also, I always admired how kids my age who refereed were able to take on the challenges of unruly spectators and making difficult calls. Both of these reasons are what inspired me to become a referee.