Esse Baharmast

Written on 04/16/2020
PTW Team


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About Esse - 

Why I love soccer -
I have grown with this game for the past 60 Years and it has given me the most memorable days of my life.  It brings the world closer together. It is the universal language that cuts through all barriers.

How did I get involved with soccer & as a referee?
Played the game as a Kid growing up in Iran and when I came to USA to study Chemical Engineering at University of Missouri- Columbia I played for the University. I broke my tibia and Fibula in a game and while recuperating from my injury, my Professor at the University encouraged me to become a referee. I took the referee course and started doing youth games, Who would have imagined that decision would take me to over 80 countries around the World with refereeing and instructing. I have been fortunate to be involved in 5 Men World Cups, 4 Olympic games and 3 Women World Cups ( Including the 2019 in France)