Devin Cummins

Written on 04/16/2020
PTW Team


About Devin - 

Why I love soccer -
I love soccer because it is something that anyone can play anywhere, regardless of their financial status or experience. You can see the utter joy in the younger players just to be running around, kicking a ball, and having fun with friends. All around the world, kids from the smallest nugget to the biggest kiddo are able to enjoy the simplicity of the game.

How did I get involved with soccer & as a referee?
I'm the 3rd of 4 kids in my family, so it seems like we have always been around soccer. My older sister loved playing it, so naturally us younger kids had to play. I loved it so much I worked at a soccer park for years and became friends with the usual referees at the complex, who eventually talked me into joining their ranks. I've now been a referee for 8+ years and I love being on the field, helping new referee on the field, and training referees on their field sessions.