PTW Team on 03/09/2020

Game Day Checklist for Success

Log in - Review final schedule, print for reference, or have available electronically during game day.

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Denise Duran on 01/13/2020

Referee References

Report Codes for Cautionable & Sending Off Offenses

D Denise Duran
PTW Staff on 01/03/2020

CSA Youth Game Reports

This Game Reporting Video Tutorial for CSA Youth Game applies to youth league games in 2020. Procedures and information are the same that we have followed in the video, 2018 to date.

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PTW Staff on 01/02/2020

Retained Player/Coach Pass

If you retain a pass for a red card or dismissal, the pass & a copy of the game report that you entered in After Games of must be mailed to CSA.

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Denise Duran on 01/01/2020

Diagonal System of Control

If a referee crew is short a referee at game time - NO 2 whistle system!

D Denise Duran
PTW Team on 12/15/2019


How to select preferences & update referee availability in

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PTW Staff on 03/02/2019

Suspended Games - Weather Related Info

Referee crews who are at the fields for assigned games and the game is suspended due to inclement weather; thunderstorm/lightning, weather turns for the worse making playing conditions unsafe should report the status of the game in After Games as described here:

P PTW Staff
PTW Staff on 08/18/2018

GameOfficials - After Games

When the game is over... the final step for referees is to complete the game report in a timely manner. All final game scores and match incident reports must be entered accurately in After Games of within 24 hours of the game.

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