2019/20 Laws of the Game Clarifications

US Soccer Summary & Clarifications to the Laws of the Game changes 2019/2020

Law Changes Explained with Video
by Esse Baharmast, CSA Director of Referees

7v7 Small-Sided Games
Law 16 - Goal kick

In the past, the attacking team could not touch a goal kick until it had left the penalty area. Now, an attacking team may enter the penalty area as soon as the ball is in play. For the ball to be in play it must have been kicked and clearly moved. This change is meant to speed up the play of the game.

Does this change affect the buildout line?

No, the ball is considered in play when it has been kicked and has clearly moved. Players must still remain behind the build out line until the ball is considered in play. If a team chooses to take a goal kick or free kick quickly, they are doing so at their own risk as the normal build out line rules still apply.