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Update From Larry 3/6/2018

2018 CSA State Cup/President's Cup

Colorado State Cup & President's Cup events this spring 2018 will play in March & April. Mark your calendar for the competition dates and provide your availability to referee in - CSA Group 1381. Referees submitting availability to referee these competitions must be a minimum of U.S. Soccer grade 8.

2018 Tournament Circuit

Playthewhistle is happy to announce our 2018 tournament circuit. Tournaments present a unique opportunity for both local and traveling referees to gain experience, financial benefits and to work with a variety of teams, age groups, levels of game, and referees. Referee mentoring and education is a part of each event.

2018 Recertification

How do I re-certify? Online via CRA Group 1279, Registration & Learning System. If you do not have the option to Change Identity to the CRA Group you can contact any of us for assistance, we can help you with access to the test in GameOfficials.

Upcoming Events

US Soccer Developmental Academy
Denver, CO, USA

Front Range League Opening Day

CSA Secondary League Starts

CSA League - CCL & CENT Games